Hello! I am Ozan Oz

Frontend Developer

React JS

Main Technologies

I am a React.js Developer, combining React.js with other libraries and frameworks such as; Redux, Gatsby, GraphQL, Next.js. Also have a lot of experience with Content Management Systems like Umbraco and WordPress.


Helper Technologies

In order to get full performance from web applications, I also have extensive knowledge on HTML5 and CSS3 (SCSS and LESS). Writing the code in TypeScript.

Coder's Life

Recent Blog Posts

  • Redux with Typescript
    Hello all! In this post I will try to explain the way I use Redux with Typescript. I used to use Connect API for Redux but with the Hooks API, it became my new favourite. So, I decided to create such article with a simple example. The goal of this example is to create an … Read more
  • Next.js vs Gatsby.js
    Firstly. let’s start with the reason why we need server side libraries and what they do to make our lives easier. Nowadays one of the most popular javascript libraries is React, which is a modern and adaptable CSR (Client-Side Rendering) library. For optimizing your web application, introducing SSR (Server-Side Rendering) libraries to your project will … Read more

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